“Bassie Blue”, has been passionately involved in music for most of his life. Blue started singing in the church choir at 3 years of age and was performing in musicals by grade school. Elementary school afforded him the opportunity to perform with the All-State Boys Choir, which opened him up to a whole new world of musical diversity. After experiencing the excitement of watching a “live” guitarist,  found a new passion—he picked up the guitar and later transitioned to playing the bass.  At 10 years of age he started his first rock band with three of his classmates and began winning talent competitions against seasoned musicians. By the age of 15, Blue was performing and recording acoustic and electric bass for various local blues, jazz, and gospel artists while also working as the Music Director for his Church. Before graduating high school,  was accepted to Berklee College of Music on scholarship, but before completing high school he was offered the opportunity to go on a national tour. So Blue hit the road in search of his own place in the world of music. After touring and recording for God’s Chosen, Blue  decided to move to Los Angeles and began vocal producing, and recording guitar and bass for Soul Star Entertainment, a newly formed LA based record label.

After his stint in LA, Blue headed back home.  With all these experiences under his belt and not quite 20 years old, Blue felt there was still something missing.  He packed up his $800 Honda with a broken CV boot and bad brakes, and made the nine and half hour drive to Atlanta… in 13 hours!  Knowing only one person in Atlanta, with no job, Blue found himself crashing on studio couches after playing a session and job hunting all day.  Two years of unsuccessful job hunting, Blue slowly began carving his spot in the Atlanta music scene.

He began recording guitar, bass, and drums for producers such as Terry “Madd Scientist” Thomas, Jesse “Corporal” Wilson, Kendrick “Wyldcard” Dean, Jasper Cameron, and more. In addition, Blue began offering music production, audio engineering, and guitar/bass performances for artists such as Tiffany Evans, Lloyd, Ne-Yo, and others.

In January of 2010, Blue was asked to work with renowned vocal/music producer and voice coach, Jan Smith.  Soon after he joined the staff of Jan Smith Studios in Atlanta, GA as a bass guitar and keyboard instructor.  Blue soon became signed to Plumbline Music Group, a music production company started by Smith.  He then worked on the production of a Diane Warren song written for Justin Bieber. The song, “Born To Be Somebody” subsequently earned production credits in the Bieber movie, “Never Say Never” and was nominated for a Grammy.  Soon after, Blue co-wrote a song with Justin Bieber entitled “All I Want is You” for the Christmas album, “Under The Mistletoe.” Since, Blue has had singles on the radio in multiple countries & has recorded with numerous charting artists.

In addition to his passion for music instruction, performance, and recording, Blue consistently volunteers for his community.  He is an avid believer, and prime example, that the act of giving leads you to success.

“The path to success is to find out what other folks need and see how YOU can help THEM.  And others will help you on your way.” –Bassie Blue