sessions ep: 5 Robin thicke

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At this point I had been playing guitar and bass at Ne-Yo’s studio for 2 months.  We start on this beautiful song with a string section and I lay down a bass line. I leave the studio around 1am and go about my business. The next day, one of Neyo’s producers calls me and tells me to get to the studio because Neyo was getting ready to write and wanted to finish out the music & Robin Thicke is coming to sing the song later. I headed over to the studio and I lay down some guitar tracks and in 7minutes Neyo has written this dope song called “Like Shakespeare Writes” absolutely dope jam! Robin came into the studio and was equally impressed by the lyrics. He sang the song and was super pro with it. Afterwards we all just hung out in the studio then went to eat at Hooters. Tango, Neyo’s manager paid for everybody’s food except mine. I paid. We all left. The end. LOL

Not all of the stories are super cool. HAHAHA!! Just wait on the R.Kelly episode.

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  1. Danny J
    March 19, 2016

    This is awesome. Congrats on all your success🙏🏽🙏🏽


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