sessions ep 4: Lloyd

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It’s been a while, but I’m back the “Sessions” Blogs. So here we go….
I walk into 11th Street Studios with my guitar in my hand and my bass strapped across my back. I tell them I’m here for a session with StreetLove and Lloyd. I walk into the A room and I see Jasper and Reese talking with the engineer and making some edits to a track. These guys are SUPER cool guys. We talk, and catch up. I listen the Vocal reference Jasper recorded for Lloyd to sing.


I Pulled out my axes and start rockin on this song, “Put Out This Flame”, a smooth and sweet R&B jam. As I was wrapping up the bass tracks, Lloyd walked in.  We all talked, they introduce me to Lloyd (whom I would later see in the studio MANY times and even end up teaching piano to. *that’s for another blog). I rocked the song, Lloyd got in the booth for about an hour or so and killed it. Afterwards, we were looking through the potential cover art/photo for Lloyd’s new album and in walked Ananda Lewis from MTV.  I admit, I was fan-girling just a bit when talking to her. We all finished talking and Ananda pulled out 2 six-packs of some scootish ale. I was like “WTF is Ale!?” Everyone laughed….then NO ONE drank any of her ale except her. HAHAHAHAHA!!! OOhhhh man that junk was hilarious.

Lloyd was a fun artist to work with. Very easy to work with, very talented, and that session was very fast. It was cool to have that session be my first professional session in ATL.



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