sessions ep 3: August Alsina

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So this one is a nice lil throwback to 2013!

August and I met each other way back when he was 16 through his (soon to be) manager.  We met again later after he got his first big management contract and he was a total pro in terms of attitude.  We spent a lot of time together in my office, at my studio, and at my house.  He was absolutely serious about learning guitar and piano so I taught him.  It was cool to see a young artist so focused on his musicianship!  Needless to say, over the course of time, he and I recorded a lot songs together.  2 days after he got his big record deal he called me to come to the studio and rock.

*Funfact for some reason, everywhere August and I went, whether the studio, Waffle House, or whatever, every cool girl we met in the street that liked August, were all strippers. LOL It ended up becoming a running joke. He or I would initiate the conversations, and the women would be a wide range of ages, races, and body types but all of them were strippers.

I’m proud of my bro’s success and how he’s stayed himself through all of these different circumstances. It’s an honor to know him and to have played a part in his career from the beginning.


Blue August throwback

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  1. ariyana
    October 26, 2016

    i love august alsina


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