SOcial media??

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Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 8.07.51 AMWe open our laptops and close our doors.  We unlock our phones and bolt shut our minds.  Does knowing the lunch, outfight, or current location of a “friend” make you and that individual more connected? Closer?  As we begin to make a turn into a voyeuristic social construct, I think we actually lose touch with eachother. The beauty of life is that it and all the things in it are temporary. We know that the food that dies will help us live the longest life, and the food that never rots is the food that kills us.  I think this natural principle is present in our relationships; if you always have complete access to someone, you lose your appreciation faster.  The fact that we know what eachother is up to doesn’t mean we care.  We speak more and listen less. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re currently being extremely wasteful with our words. We now share pictures and words with little evaluation of what we’re sharing. How little do we care for eachother now? How often do we ask ourselves about the effects that our actions (especially our online actions) have on those around us and/or those “following” us?

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