The Free vs Not Free music battle (raging on for over 10yrs)

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So there’s still this ongoing battle over the price of music, free music, ‘illegal’ downloading, and etc. EVERYONE is trying to figure this out still. (see links)
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*First of all, it’s hard for any society to feel like they’re breaking peoples’ pockets when (from the general media perspective)those people have multi-million dollar homes, high priced cars, spend 10’s of thousands each night a clubs, etc.
*When a NON music company, like apple, jumps out of nowhere and determines the market value/price of a product they don’t own, it doesnt help. aside from that being kinda illegal, it’s just morally f’d up to dominate and devalue an entire industry that you not only don’t participate in, but have no interest in!
*MAIN PROBLEM IS HERE; the entire concept of music has been recommissioned by the world. Societies all over have a whole new idea of what music means to them, what its purpose is, etc. Once upon a time, music was a classy thing that was only performed live, and only the elite could travel to witness it. Even once it became recorded and sold, music players(gramophones, record players) were far too expensive and frankly, pointless in the lives of the everyday individual…Fast forward to now, music is the backing track to every part of the lives of individuals in even barely industrialized areas where there is no music business. There’s work music, play music, chill music, exercise music, church music, sex music, so forth and so son. We have our own customizable life-soundtrack. Every individual today has thousands upon thousands of songs to choose from.How/why would you expect someone who has 15,000 songs at their finger tips to have a high value for it? If i had 15,000 diamond rings and could get more for 99cents, would i care who slaved to dig them? to refine them? to craft them? to ship them? Would i care how much any of that cost?*I’m not entirely sure how i feel about ‘free’ music. I honestly kinda don’t care. I got into this because i loved doing it. Never saw it as a business until people started paying me.  Now, i’ve gotten some larger checks doing music than doing any other type of work i’ve done for sure. At the end of the day i think if we were all responsible, we would share what we love and support what we share….

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