EURO-BLOG 2: Greece

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First of all, Athens is such a beautifully amazing city!! The history and the culture are so rich; so is the food. I’m feeling the food so far. The people I have interacted with have been kind, even when showing me disrespect. No, I dont know how that works so dont ask. For those that don’t know, Greece is in the middle of a…im not sure what to call it; revolution, uprising, civil war? I duno. One of the crazy side effects of this is that homeless people are actually sitting IN FRONT of vacant housing structures asking for a place to sleep. What!?!? As I sit atop this beautiful city, I easily observe the dozens of completely vacant towers  of condos and apartments. Walking the street, I notice all the homeless people and I asked some locals, “why does this happen? how do they have nowhere to sleep when there are all these empty buildings?” The answer is, all of the empty towers used to be used for gov’t workers prior to the fighting, and when the people tried to usher in the homeless, riots broke out. The government wouldn’t allow anyone else to occupy these now derelict buildings(which the gov’t plans never to use for itself).  I got to see officers and self-proclaimed Anarchists, police vehicles & graffiti, secret service & secret “gangs”or freedom groups.  While likely dangerous, being here seeing this is so very eye opening and has made me appreciate the beauty of community. Small groups of people helping eachother, leaning on eachother to survive. This is my definition of CrazyBeautiful.



    February 27, 2013

    How many anarchist symbols did you see on this trip? (an estimate)

      February 27, 2013

      Curious: Does the “A” on your hat stand for anarchy?

      PS it sucks that I cant leave a message if I cannot figure out the answer to your math equation.

  2. bassieblue
    February 28, 2013

    i duno, maybe a couple hundred?? the folks in Greece are fighters


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