What’s Your Motivation?

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We all have reasons that we think/feel are legitimate for doing the things we do. We tell ourselves we’re sacrificing for something greater, taking care of our family, being mature, etc. For Americans, the truth usually is we dig a hole (typically financially), make ourselves feel comfortable there, then do work we hate doing with people we don’t like to pay bills for something we bought years ago that isn’t currently worth what we owe on it & call this ‘responsibility’ or ‘obligation’.  I’m not saying don’t pay bills & don’t honor your obligations. I am saying that it is necessary to question your motivation.  Life is so beautiful when we use love, positive inspiration, hope, & beautiful things to motivate us to do things with and in our lives. It’s when fear, money, obligation, & negative things are our sole motivators that our lives become hard to live. Negative motivation is oppressive and feels inescapable. Spending all or most of our time to make money to pay off debts & recurring bills is a very sad existence. In my experience, every single time I’ve done something for money or out of obligation, the conditions were terrible or the people were mean or I felt like I was literally wasting my life doing it. There would always be a large negative associated with those motivators. I’ve decided that love is pretty much the only motivation that has consistently yielded great results. When something is done out of love, our ability to see it through to the end & perform in excellence is stronger. I think this happens because we guinely care about a situation, or the people involved, or the outcome more when we’re motivated by love.

Why do you do what you do???



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  1. Alex
    March 3, 2012

    This is VERY well said, and I totally agree. I think it is important to note, however, that being motivated by love does not mean that those negative things do not exist. The unfortunate reality is, they do, and there will always be those things. It is all about how we react to them and, as you said, what are true motivations and intensions are. If we dwell on the negatives, life is a waste. We must always look at the brighter aspects of our lives and say, “because i have all of this going for me, i am going to make sure these things (financial obligations) are taken care of for the sake of those i love.” Doing that, you are now taking the negative, and putting a positive light on it. Thus creating positive motivation. If all else fails, look at the ultimate example of that love motivation. Romans 8:28, “In all things, God works for the good of those who love him…”

    Great post Brandon!


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