Studio Magic w/The CBS Better Mornings Atlanta crew

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I record singer’s & musicians of all skill levels. This was one of the more interesting sessions though. Working with people who have never recorded or performed is interesting. The BMA crew was super nice and easy to work with, but I had a buttload of work to do when they left! After Jan spent hours editing their performances, I spent hours realigning vocals, time shifting, pitch shifting, adding eq, verb & delay, etc. I’m glad to show folks that it really is work & that it really is an art. TV paints this picture that anybody can sing well, and record a song well, and put out an album at the drop of a hat. They got to see how it really goes and experience the amount of energy & focus it takes to really get a great recording.

Click Here to see the BMA Crew’s “Before Lessons” segment

Click Here to see the BMA Crew’s “After Lessons” segment


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