Does someone have to be losing in order for me to win?

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The way most people work in the entertainment business is probably the most apparent example of that ‘I gotta take care of me & mine’ attitude’.  Ya know that, ‘I have to “succeed” at the expense of anyone and anything else’ type of thing. So many people in the music business do very unusual and unfair business deals.  Why do so many of us have the mindset of, I cant be winning unless I’m sure someone else is losing? We can definitely all win together. I’m reminded of a great experiment my 6th grade english teacher had our class participate in. We were split into 4 groups. Each group had a representative. Only the reps could speak on behalf of their group, and this would be in private conversations that only the reps were involved in. The goal was to get to 20 points. The groups would get asked to vote to agree or disagree with a topic. The reps would convene to negotiate what they all would be voting. If all the groups agreed/disagreed, each group got 1 point. If 3 groups agreed, but 1 disagreed, the disagreeing group got 3 points and the agreeing groups lost 1 point. If it was split 2 and 2, the disagreeing groups got 2points and the agreeing groups lost 1 point. If 3 groups disagreed and 1 group agreed, the agreeing group got 10 points. However, if that 3 to 1 ratio occurred 3 times, everyone would automatically lose. It would seem that the easiest way to win would be for every group to vote the same way 20 times. Of course, lies started. A group’s rep would inform the other reps that everyone was on the same page, but go back to their group and change their vote in hopes to get the upper hand/more points. In the end of that game, we all lost. What part of human nature is that which makes us feel that if someone is doing as well as, or better than me, I must out-do them by excelling or making them do worse?

Has anyone else experienced this? on the job, on the basketball court, on the game field, at church, in life?

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  1. Christiano
    February 3, 2012

    Oh how enjoy our discussions and our current project. The themes on “inbetween the lines” are but cliff notes of our discussions.

    I could easy put a song on the album about this observation. I dig the example.

    Im no philsopher though I think I am logical. I think that we can make some impossibles possible. We can take unlikelys steps beyond probable. I’m always saying we because its about more than just what I can do.

    Problems are just obstacles. Ive lept over and conquered a few.
    Im taking  on the unprobables and I’m no where near through. 
    I got the biggest hurdle coming and I know i’ll need you. 

    PeterPan needs sidekicks. Some cool dudes and some fly chicks
    Neverneverland is highering Imaginations that are inspiring.
    Im inspired by you all!

    You wanna tackle an impossible? just call…
    That’s all.


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